I’ve never written a blog like this before. (And my mom did not put me up to it. She won’t even know I wrote it until she sees in on the inter-webs.) But I always write about what I believe in, and this blog is no exception.

I believe in Luke’s Apron.

Awhile back, my mom started typing up meal plans— recipes with detailed instructions and all the compiled groceries lists to accompany them— for my big brother, Luke, and his teenage son. (I know. My name is Leah and I have a brother named Luke. It’s ridiculous. And, believe it or not, a coincident. 😆) He wanted to eat healthier and at home more often. When I found out about it, of course I wanted in. And when some of our friends found out, they wanted in too. Luke’s Apron was born!

There’s a slew of reasons to need Luke’s Apron. Here are a few of mine:

I need a meal plan, but I hate creating it. 

Having a meal plan is survival. It minimizes the dinner-time stress, prevents me from wasting food that we buy and then don’t eat, and saves money because we rarely eat out. But I’m soooooooooooo not good at it. Creating the thing every.single.week is such a joy-sucker for me.

My mom, on the other hand, is both good at it and enjoys it. She actually creates most of the recipes based on her understanding of how food works and what flavors go well together. (What the heck is that like?! 🤷🏻‍♀️) Also, I think it provides her a nice challenge. And anyone who knows my mom knows she lives and dies by a good challenge! (And she ALWAYS succeeds, which I’m both thankful for and find entirely annoying. 🙄)

I value eating well, but I am also on a budget!

I never realized how well my mom fed us growing up until I had to start feeding myself. We not only ate food that tasted good 99 out of 100 times, (she will never sell me on sauerkraut 😝) but she fed us food that fueled and built our bodies well. And she did this long before it was trendy.

She also did it long before she had enough money to do it. I grew up in a family of six— four growing kids, one stay-at-home-mom, and a dad who worked full-time on a pastor’s salary (and for a while, was in school full-time). In other words, we were a big-ish family on one, small-ish salary. My mom wasn’t willing to sacrifice on the quality of food she fed us, so she got creative. At its most basic level, creativity is just problem-solving. (Did I mention my mom thrives in solving a good problem?) She knows how to make great taste and great meals with great love out of seemingly little to start with.

Basically what I’m telling you is that my mom ruined me for food in the best possible way. And now that I feed not only myself but four other people (God—did you know these people you gave me have to eat AT LEAST 21 TIMES PER WEEK!?! 😩), I realize the great intentionality it takes and the HUGE labor of love it is.

With Luke’s Apron, you get healthy and delicious meals. (I’m not exaggerating that Caleb comments almost nightly on how good the food is. 🤤) But you also get meals that don’t break the bank. This is the genius of my mom, born out of those years of necessity and honed in the many years since. She accomplishes this a couple of ways. First, she creates all the meals based on what’s currently on sale at Kroger/Dillons. And also, she makes sure to use ALL PARTS of every ingredient at some point. (Inventory management is the most overlooked part of cooking. The most expensive item in your kitchen is the one you throw away!)

I like to cook, but I need it to be accessible in terms of skill and time.

Let’s face it— some of those cooking shows just aren’t real life. (I’m looking at you, Ina Garten!) Luke’s Apron meals are practical and accessible. You aren’t going to need a personal cheese monger or access to organic cricket protein. (Yes, that’s a real thing.) And, always, there is less cooking later in the week because you are capitalizing on work you did Monday or Tuesday, and also because by Friday, you tired.

Guys, my mom is just good at food. Her personal brand of cooking marries all the best things— real food, simple methods, time and money saving techniques, few ingredients, all without sacrificing flavor. She understands the value of putting good things in your body, and the potential that food has to bless people. For my mom, food has always been one of God’s greatest and most basic gifts. A physical representation of God’s spiritual grace, both our need for it and it’s beauty. (Ok, God, I get it. Twenty-one meals a week may not be enough, actually.)

In short, Luke’s Apron is just good stewardship of all the resources— time, money, food, and even love.

And, if I can be anecdotal for just one minute, (Heck, it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want!) one of my absolute favorite things about Luke’s Apron is that, FOR YEARS, I’ve wondered if I would EVER be like my mom in the kitchen. Now I can be.

Luke’s Apron is real food, practical recipes, and delicious meals on the table by dinner time. At only $5 per month (the cheapest option out there!), I promise you’ll more than save the cost of subscription.

So, wether you want to learn how to cook, eat healthier, save money, or just don’t want to have to think about what’s for dinner, I submit to you (with my highest recommendation!) Luke’s Apron. The product is fantastic, and I can assure you, the creator behind it is just the best.

My mom’s favorite place has always been in the kitchen with her people. When we were young, I can remember her saying that all she wanted was her kids to be in the kitchen with her. I regret that I didn’t take her up on this more often. But true to God’s abundant kindness, all these years later, it isn’t just her kids but a host of other people who are blessed by her presence in the kitchen. She’s creating a food lectionary, bringing whole kitchens together around the same table.

It may not be what you expected, mom, but God’s dream for you was bigger than your own. Because that’s just how good God is.

And mom— if I can be so bold, I think you finally found it. You know, that “thing” we all hope to find. That thing that is both natural in you and blesses the world. That thing that is a passion turned to purpose. Your thing. Turns out, it’s the thing you’ve always done so beautifully without even trying to or knowing it. Enjoy your passion meeting the world’s needs, mom.

And, all the rest of you— sign up for Luke’s Apron here!

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Why I Need Luke’s Apron and You (Probably) Do Too!

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